I do a db backup every day. but I only send a copy offsite once a week on friday.

So, to resue the tape I usually issue:

del volhist todate=today-3 type=dbbackup

then, I update the volume being send offsite and finally I checkout that volume.

this allow me to keep few copies onsite and one to send offsite.

the next friday I issue the same command to delete the volhist today-3. and send the newest copy offsite.

I continoue this process for 5 week which means in 5 weeks I will reuse the dbbackup tapes that I send offsite.

In the middle of this cycle what will happen to the tapes that are stored offsite after issuing the

del volhist today-3. will this delete all tapes (expire data) which means the dbbackup tapes are useless.