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    Hi to all

    Does anybody knows somethig about comming support of storage agent on vmware esx? at this time, the storage agent ist not supportet on vmware.

    we planned export of the vmdk files to an other esx server an lanfree backup of them.

    Thanks for help


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    Can you export those vmdk files to a non-ESX server?

    If I recall correectly, the vmdk files can be exported in COW format to non-vmfs partitions, at which point they're just files like anything else, and can be moved to any server that does support storage agent.

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    I came across this post about TSM and vmware. There is a product that could help with this issue till TSM supports Vmware.

    esxRanger GUI will allow you to compress and send the vmware disk files, live while running to a windows host. Then you can use the TSM windows agent to sweep the esxRanger backups.

    Take a look and see if this helps.

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