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    Default Tivoli Monitoring Data Warehouse doesn't connect

    I have a problem with this software (Tivoli Monitoring)... I installed the server in a Windows 2008 Server x64, when I finished and started the configuration, everything was fine until it got to the Data Warehouse configuration, the configuration asked me to add the license of the DB2, the files he asked for are db2jcc_license_cu.jar and db2jcc.jar, after I looked for those files in the server I found out there is only one of them (db2jcc_license_cu.jar) and the other one is missing.

    I thought the installation was wrong, so I installed again and i had the same result. I'm monitoring 2 Windows 2008 Server x64, a RHEL 6.2 and a IBM i v7.1 but I'm not recording anything. The version of the Tivoli Monitoring is 6.2.3 Fix Pack 1.

    Help pls.
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