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    Default Audit volumes after restore

    I have 3 tsm servers -

    servers 1 & 2 are 6.3 servers that act as library managers and also as library clients for each other.
    server 3 is a 5.4 server that acts as library client for the 2 6.3 servers.

    Last night, I had to restore the database on server 3 (5.4 client) for the first time. My next step is to audit the stgnew and stgdelete volumes (I have no stgreuse volumes).

    The copy of the volhist before the restore shows 1 stgnew volume that also exists on the new volhist so I don't need to worry about it?

    There are 3 stgdelete volumes -

    One shows in server 3 (5.4 client) as pending but is recorded in one of the library managers as scratch. The other 2 tapes show in server 3 as pending but, while the overnight db restore was in progress, servers 1 & 2 have picked up the tapes as scratch and used them for client backups.

    I'm not sure how to proceed from here!

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    For me, I would ignore this.

    Pending means it is just waiting for the reuse period to expire. Since the TSM holding this 'expired' by going down, the tape goes to scratch.

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