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    Default Client backup takes too long.

    Any who can help, please help.
    I am having an issue with a couple of nodes I have whose backup are taking too long to finish. I already currently use memoryefficientbackup yes. I am trying to speed it up, the diskcache is not an option, nor is journaling, and resource utiliztion changes only cause it to fail. I poke with a tech from IBM about it and he said one option would be to break the data up into smaller pieces, and to backup on seperate schedules. I am new to this so not really sure how to do this, would this require a seperate option file for every folder are directory i do seperately? Please help.

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    Some info about server(version) and client(version, no of files, total size of backup ,os,ram) would be helpful. Also, putting in 'memoryefficient yes' will extend the backup time needed, not reduce it.
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