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    Default All entry/exit ports of library are full or inaccessible

    I am trying to move drmedia to the bulk and after processing two volumes, TSM reports that the exit ports are full. The thing is I have a 16 slot I/O bin. When I remove the 2 volumes from the bulk I am good to go again. This behavior appears to have just started recently. Any ideas why I can't utilize the entire I/O bin?


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    Rescan your library using the management interface
    Then do an audit libra checklabel=barcode

    If that does not help, then we need more info about your enviroment.
    Type of library (and firmware version), enabled features.
    TSM version/os.
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    Also to consider if your library is ALMS licensed, you could be using part of TSM's Virtual IO slots. Part of the physical TSM library is neat feature that will pre-eject tapes in virtual IO slots. I've seen cases where you this setting is too high, and the library would eject a few tapes at a time.

    you can veirfy this by going to library online interface Library -> Logical Libraries, and verify the default # for VIO slots. this would require reboot of the tsm servers after all is said and done. A full library audit and tsm server audit is not bad practice either

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