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    Default Archive Failover Directory not being used

    I have ARCHFAILOVERLOGDIR specified in dsmserv.opt, but when I run q log in dsmadmc, the archive failover log directory is blank. I have restarted the server since adding the option in dsmserv.opt and I verified that the failover directory has the correct permissions.

    Currently my archivelog directory is at 100% and my failover directory is not being used. What am I missing??

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    Does TSM and DB2 start at all?
    If not you can move some of the oldest logfiles somewhere else, once the application is upa and running it will start to use the archfailoverdir. Now is the time to run a full db backup
    Check in db2diag.log if db2 complains about the logfiles that you moved. you may have to move the files back in order to get the datbase backup to complete.
    Windows, does it come with a gui?

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    Probably mismatch between settings in TSM server and underlying DB2
    Check if "db2 get db cfg for tsmdb1" reflect your changes in dsmserv.opt

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