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    Default Move Archive Data

    Greetings All,
    I have two storage pools stgA and stgB. I want to move archive data from stgA to stgB.
    How to do this? Do you think move nodedata will do the task?

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    Yes it will work.
    one way to do this i to create a colloc group, add the nodes with the archive data to this group then issue the move nodedata caommand
    and then remove the collocgroup.

    define collocgroup archive_nodes desc="Used to move archive data from stgA to stgB"
    define collocmember archive_nodes nodeA, nodeB, nodeC,....
    move nodedata collocg=archive_nodes fromstg=stgA tostg=stgB type=archive
    Windows, does it come with a gui?

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