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    Unhappy How to rebuild an expired archive copy tape tsm

    HI, Can you help me : I archived some files on a tape type SDLT vol 000101 this was copied on volume 000102.
    But by mistake the node was deleted. The tapes were deleted became scratch for the TSM. It happened 6monts ago.
    I realise only now. The volume 000101 was reused by the server TSM. But I am still having the copy volume. The server sees as a scratch volume.
    How I can restore the data from the copy .
    I need your help.

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    Only one option: restore the TSM DB that was part of these tapes.

    If you don't have the DB tape from 6 months ago - there is no way to restore.

    You can try third party service providers to try recovering the data from the copy tape.
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    moon_buddy is right the tape can newer be used by tsm to retrieve the files. If the tape is not encrypted the data can be read directly from the tape and then you can put thenm on a server and archive the files again.
    What is the business value of this data? Is it need to have or nice to have data?
    Windows, does it come with a gui?

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