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    Default restore stuck after rollback

    Here's the problem I'm having:

    - using the backup client GUI I start a restore on a client for some files, the restore starts, files are being transferred, everything is ok
    - using dsmadmc I login and run "ROLLBACK", and the restore process gets stuck immediately after that, after 15 min I get a message in actlog saying that the connection with the client timedout

    Is this normal behaviour?

    The actual problem is that while doing a restore and running 'q actlog', 'q mount' and other queries in dsmadmc at one moment I noticed the restore got stuck. Looking at actlog I noticed there was a message saying in my dsmadmc session "rollback" was ran, although I never did that (maybe dsmadmc automatically runs it at some point, couldn't figure out why rollback was ran).

    I'm using TSM 6.3, Windows 2008 R2.

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    When you type any wrong command TSM will issue rollback. It is normal for TSM

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