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    Default backup of a qnap nas drive

    I have a set of users who save their data on a qnap ts-259 pro+ nas drive. They all use apple workstations so the drives on the nas are all formatted with an ext4 file system.

    Is there any way to back this up using a tsm client?

    The qnap itself uses a version on linux (it MIGHT be debian) - cat /etc/issue shows "Welcome to QNAP Systems Inc,. NasX86() development environment." while uname -r shows a kernel version of - but I doubt if I can just install a tsm linux client on it and expect it to work.

    If I map the users share to a windows server - ie give it a drive letter using \\ip.address\sharename I can see all their folders and files so, presumably, I can use the windows client on this server but will will that work ok as the files themselves have been created by an apple server or is there a risk of corrupting the files?

    Any help would be appreciated as this is completely new territory for me.

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    Try backing up the data as a Windows share then restoring some files to see if it will work, but you would be better off backing it up through Mac OS or a Linux VM.
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