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    Default Checkin followed by update volume.

    Hi people,

    how can i perform a checkin followed by a update volume in the script?

    just create a script like this:

    define script SCIRPT_NAME "checkin libv destiny_library search=bulk ckecklabel=barcode stat=private" line=1
    "update volume $1 access=readwrite wait=yes" line=2

    P.s: I want what the script make a checkin and after the checkin execute the update for the volume that was inserted in the library...
    sorry for my terrible english...

    Thanks in advance,
    Gabriel Teixeira

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    I will recommend you to write a shell script to do this.

    Work flow of the script:
    query libvolume to get list A
    check in libvolume
    query libvolume to get list B
    compare the list to get the checked in volume name and redirect to list C
    using a for loop to update the status of volumes in list C

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