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    Post Getting the Status of an SLP on NB 7.1

    I am trying to see if there is a way to get the status of an SLP (active/inactive) when there are no images to process?

    nbstlutil report only seems to give you information if images are in a not started state or in process state.

    nbstlutil report -lifecycle Duplicate1

    No images to process

    Trying to script something and this would be very helpful.

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    There is this for simply checking incomplete images.

    nbstlutil list -l -image_incomplete

    Or if you wanted a scripted version with more complete results try this:

    #    Script to check for non-duplicated images in SLP
    # Begin
    # Check for -h or -? to print command syntax and exit
    if [[ $1 = "-h" ]] || [[ $1 = "-?" ]]
      print "\nslp_check used to check status of non-duplicated backup images."
      print " Usage: "
      print " slp_check <hoursago> - use this to insert any hours ago prior to 24 hours"
      print " By default this script checks back 24 hours"
    # Get Hours ago info
    # Check for hoursago override; default is 24 hours
    if [[ $1 = @([0-9]*) ]]
    then Hours=$1
    else Hours=24
    # Script begin
    $BPimage -stl_incomplete -U -hoursago $Hours
    Save it and make it executable and run like as is or add the days you want to check for:

    slp_check (days)
    # slp_check 999

    Thanks and Good Luck!

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