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    Default Windows Cluster Migration - TSM client question


    I have some question, and I could't find anyone to help me.
    We have a 2003 cluster that contains a File server cluste resource (network name, ip, file shares). We want to use 2008 Server Migration Tool in order to Migrate these resources from 2003 to 2008 Server.
    So, the network name and the ip for the file shares will remain the same. Also, data is stores on HP EVA and we are planning to do a snapcole and present it to the 2008 server.

    My question is: if I install TSM client on the new 2008 cluster servers, TSM will notice any difference ?

    Thank you !

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    If you keep the same node name as before, the same drive, letter, then probably no..
    At most you will need to plan out the DOMAIN setting in you dsm.opt file

    are you setting drivers like this

    DOMAIN C: F: Q:


    You can also look at renaming the FSID on the tsm server side.

    It really depends on what is more appropriate for your site and setup

    Check out TSM

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