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    Default TDP for Exchange 6.3 client SPEED ISSUES! (SLOW!!)

    We've recently introduced a number of WIN2k8(r2) servers running Exchange2k10 into our TSM environment. They're running the TDP6.3 client. This is the first time we've had to use this "newer" client version, utilizing the VSS backup and such. Since we started using this newer version of TDP our backups are running a LOT slower than they should, and definitely a LOT slower than they did on the v5.5 TDP client. Any thoughts? Anything we can do to the dsm.sys? Its becoming a serious issue in our environment as we're running out of enough hours in the day to get them backed up! thanks in advance! -Robert

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    We see a performance hit when the Exchange integrity check runs before the backup. Every third party backup vendor is suggested to run this check as it reads every page of the Exchange data store to insure data is good for a backup. You can skip this check with the /SKIPINTEGERITYCHECK option. This is not recomended by Microsoft.
    You may not be having the same issue but in general we see the actual backups (data flowing to the TSM server) running faster then with pervious versions.
    Currently our command for doing a backup looks like this:
    tdpexcc back DB022,DB043,DB064,DB085,DB121 full /EXCLUDEDAGACT /SKIPINTEGRITYCHECK /LOGF=c:\tsm\logs\%cdate%\%cdate%_TDPEXC.LOG

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