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    Default Finding which tapes are missing from the library


    A while ago we ran out of slots in our library, so we just removed some "full" tapes and loaded scratch so that we could get a backup. The full tapes were sent off site. We have now upgraded the library with more slots.
    When we try to run reclamation it tells us that certain tapes are needed that are not in the library. Does anyone have a command that i could run to list all tapes that should be in the library so that we can run reclamation without issue?
    Many thanks

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    All primary tapes should be inside the library as a start!

    select volume_name from volumes where STGPOOL_NAME='PRIMARY_STG' and volume_name not in ( select volume_name from libvolumes)

    above command should get some info

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    This will depend on whether you used the move media command to remove the full tapes. If you did, then the command will be :

    q media * stg=<storage_pool_name> wherestate=mountablen

    If you didn't, when reclaimation attempted to run, it would have failed marking the tapes as unavailable. This could be used.

    q vol stg=<storage_pool_name> access=unavail

    You could also search the event log for reclaim failures. To search the last day you would use this:

    q act begind=-1 msg=1163

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