I know there is an agent to allow one to backup DB2 on AIX with Avamar, but does anyone use it? My mandate is to get all DB backups out of TSM, eliminate virtual tape and LAN free backups (physical tape has been gone for a long time). For the most part we are backing up databases directly to Data Domain with native DB backup tools and it works great over nfs or cifs. Databases (Oracle, MS SQL, DB2) on Windows, (Oracle) Linux, or on AIX all work fine. DB2 on AIX increases our backup window by 3x when we use this method and we can't live with that. So far attempts at tuning have not been successful in reducing this time.

We have a sizable Avamar implementation so I was thinking about testing our DB2 on AIX backups with Avamar. I was warned early on that Avamar doesn't do great with "large" files. Large being left to the imagination. Is 100GB large? 500GB?4TB? Can't get a straight answer.