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    Default How to restore backupset of one node on to another

    We have backupset of certain directories of server SERVER1 as

    | Node Name: SERVER1 |
    | Backup Set Name: MYBACKUPSET.3099 |
    | Date/Time: 06/09/1999 16:17:47 |
    | Retention Period: no Limit |
    |Device Class Name: LTO_CLASS |
    | Description: |

    The question is I want to restore this backupset (Actullay a single file) in to some directory on another physical server, SERVER2
    How to achieve this?

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    You restore on another node provided the target node is similar to the original node - Windows, Linux, etc.

    If the backupset has been generated on tape, and backed up on the original node, you need to duplicate the setup on the target node. If the backupset has been generated as a file, you must know the filename and location.

    To restore a specific file, you need to know the filespace name and the source path so you can restore justthe file and its path.

    Since you are just restoring some or a file, just restore it on the original server (rename the existing files so it is not overwritten) and then move it to the right location.

    For more details, see 'help restore backupset' on the command line of the node.
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