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    Default Moving from a library to a single drive

    My existing server has an IBM LTO3 tape library with 6 drives and 90 slots. This hardware is going out the door because our lease expires and management has chosen to go with another backup solution. Our existing configuration has a primary storage pool and an offisite copy pool.

    I have been given a new server with a single LTO3 drive which will only be doing restore jobs for old data. Basically when the existing server leaves, all TSM client schedules/reclamations/expires will be stopped. It will basically be frozen in time but accessible in case somebody needs to grab a file from 'the old system'.

    The problem is there is no library. I can't checkin tapes to a manual library.

    I backedup/restored the tsm DB to the new server. I have the manual drive defined to TSM and clients can connect to it, but when I issue restore requests they always bomb and ask for tapes from the offsite copy pool.

    Does anyone know how to get a single tape drive on a new server to use tapes from another pool? How can I "attatch" the single drive to the primary storage pool?

    I'm spinning my wheels here... Help!

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    Switching from a library to a single drive system should not be any different. Have done this a lot in the past.

    Have you checked that the online pool tapes are not labeled as 'unavailable'? This is commonly one reason why TSM would ask for offsite tapes.
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    check the original mgmclass and policies, review the drives references

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    If Microsoft is the answer, I want my problem back!

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