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    Default move a client node to a different policy domain for better retention settings

    Hi all,

    to move a client node to a different domain with better retention settings, i updated client with domain=new_domain as below
    update node <node_name> dom=new_domain_name
    is this enough ? or are there anymore steps to be followed ?
    the new domain has better retention settings (ver exists, ver deleted etc) than old one so will the data backed up earlier be there for restores if needed ?

    thanks in advance!

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    That should be all you need to do provided that all of the management classes the node used in the original domain/policyset exist in the new domain/policyset. If management classes are missing then data bound to those missing classes will be governed by the default MC.

    And barring a rebinding to a class with a lower retention your data should still be there.
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