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    Default Need Help in Import and export

    Dear Team,

    We have to refresh DR DB2 BCU database by the PR DB2 BCU Database. The database is in DPF environment.
    We have 2 separate TSM servers 1 at PR and 1 at DR. 8 nodes configured on PR TSM server and 7 nodes configured on DR TSM Server.

    The database at PR is partitioned across 6 datanodes 2 admin nodes ( 26 data base partitions) DR have 1 admin node and 6 datanodes ( 26 data base partition's)

    Both the TSM servers are not connected via network. We have to restore the 18 TB of backup from PR BCU to DR BCU via TSM tapes. We have suggested to take export and import. I have following doubts.

    1> 8 nodes at PR have different host names and DR nodes have different host names. Like suryaa01 at PR then dsuryaa01 at DR
    2> TSM server names are also different. Filesystem structure are also different. Library is diffrent
    3> How we can take the export ( command sequence please)?
    4> Then we have to send those tapes to DR will those tapes are recognized at DR library? How we can check in them private or scratch?
    5> Do we have to sent volhist?
    6> How we start can import ( command please )

    Please Help.

    Its very confusing.


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    First read help q export node and help q import node

    Basic path is something like this.

    export node node1,node2,node3....nodeX filedata=allactive devclass=TAPEDEVCLASS

    On your destination tsm server, checkin these tapes as private

    Then start import

    import node node1,node2,node3....nodeX filedata=allactivedevcla=TAPEDEVCLASS volu=tape1,tape2,tape3....tapeX

    You do not need the volhist.

    You need to look out for error messages in the actlog on the dest tsm server.

    Write status here, along with error messages, then we can give you more info. The export part is the easy one.

    Best of luck.
    -= Trident =-

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