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    Default list available restore-able files from command-line?

    hi all

    I need to find a list of all restore-able files within a folder.

    I usually restore my files from a vnc connection and dsmj gui console. but for some reasons, the vnc isn't working and i can not use dsmj any more.

    the way left for me is to use command-line.

    I know how to restore files in point-to-time method. but i'd like to find a list that contents all restore-able files for that folder.

    is it even possible?

    examples that i used before -
    dsmc restore "/a/b/c/*.prg" -sub=y -pitdate=08/01/2003 -pittime=06:00:00
    dsmc restore "/a/b/c/*.prg" -piddate=08/29/2010 -pidtime=23:00:00 -subdir=yes

    any idea would be appreciated!

    thanks in advance,


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    Use the pick option:

    dsmc restore -pick .....

    see 'help restore' at the dsmc commandline

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    thanks moon-buddy

    this is what i was looking for.


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