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    Default Data stored per Management class


    I have been looking for a while for a way to view how much data is stored in a TSM server by Management class.

    And then maybe as the next step would be to list that per node.

    What I really am after is to work out how much data will be left over (stored) in the TSM server after a certain period of time - e.g 30 days, with no more backups occurring. So in other words, if no more backups occur and expiration runs for 30 days, how much data is left still in the tsm server after 30 days? The obvious way for me to get this is to know what storage is utilised by each mgmtclass, hence the original question. But if there is a another way to get what i am after, would be great to know.

    I have had no luck finding this answer, so any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    I know it is a bit old now, but could be still interesting.

    This is the one i'm using to do so and then perform some calculation based on the MGMT reported.

    select distinct FILESPACE_NAME, CLASS_NAME from backups where node_name='<nodename>'

    select distinct FILESPACE_NAME, CLASS_NAME from archives where node_name='<nodename>'

    output is :
    ------------------ ------------------
    /db2/instance/db2dump ARCH_366
    /db2/instance/db2dump DB2_DBD_A_C_365
    /db2/instance/db2dump ARCH_30
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