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    Default how to define an stk9940 to tsm

    hi all,

    please bear with me on this one. this is my first time to do an implementation(actually something like a DR per se) of a non-ibm manual tape library. The client has an old db backup that they preserved on a tape or cartridge whatever is it called on stk world.

    Scenario: the File that they need is on this old tape suing stk9940 as well as the TSM DB backup. They already upgraded their TSM to 6.2.x and the library they using now is an IBM product. To make it short the tape library is already gone but they found out recently that they need this file which is using a STK9940 drive.

    Solution plan: Is now build a new tsm server and luckily they were able to purchase this kind of tape library with this type of drive (STK9940) but it is manual (i dont know if there is auto of this kind). Restore the TSM DB using the backup from the tape and then restore the DISKPOOL from the TAPEPOOL

    Now, I open a ticket to IBM and they said that I dont need to define a path for this kind of manual library and this kind of confuses me because I always thought that path is always needed for tape library setup to make it work.

    Here is what I'm gonna do and please feel free to comment/suggest:
    1. Define library manual_lib libtype=manual
    2. define drive manual_lib drive01
    3. define path tsmserver drive01 srctype=server desttype=drive library=manual_lib device=/dev/rmt0

    Should I omit the 3rd step, please let me know

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    Manual libraries don't require paths as the TSM server does not have any control.

    Defined manual libraries will require you to insert the tape before doing any operation, or ask you to insert tapes through 'q req'.

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    thank you very much ed

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