Hello Everybody.

We have implemented NBU 7.1 for backups. We have 1 master server(standard) on Solaris-10 and 12 clients(standard). We are going to upgrade the master server to Enterprise and one of the clients to Enterprise.

Once this is completed, we have to migrate the master server to another physical server. The physical server has all the hardware same as the existing hardware.
The hostname and IP address will change.

I read through the below TNs:

It says, "Moving a Master Server to a new machine involving a host name change"
NBU master hostname is deeply embedded in each part of NBU config and EMM database.
Only a trained Consulting Partner can change this hostname.

Can anyone please help me perform this migration without involving Symantec consultants.
It would be very helpful if anyone could provide the steps needed to perform the migration or if any document is available.

Thanks in advance