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    Unhappy ANR2579E error 402

    our slq nodes have been failing with rc=402 and sometimes rc= 418. IBM says it's just a generic error. I cannot find a solution to this. Anyone else seen this error

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    I assume you see this with your scheduled backups...

    Can you successfully do a manual backup using the GUI?

    If yes, open a DOS to where the sqlfull.bat file is (the one you call in the scheduled backup job) and run that batch file from DOS. If it fails, you should see some more usefull info in the DOS window...

    If running from DOS works...your problem is likely the account you run the TSM TDP Scheduler service with and its lack of permissions. Change the account used to the account you log in with when the manual backup works. Assuming the job succeeds the next night, you have found your issue.

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