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    Lightbulb Is there a way to check how many times data is written/deleted to a tape.

    I have several LT05 tapes under which data is being archived using a TSM environment.

    I want to know how to check the now of times data has been written/deleted/modified on a tape. If not at least a log of what happened to the tape from the time it was used in the TSM environment.

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    I don't think there is a direct way with just plain TSM

    Maybe some third party TSM tool can do this - tracking tape usage and storing in a database. However, I don't know which as I don't use third party TSM tools.

    Anyone on this forum that has pondered on and done this?
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    There are couple of things worth exploring i dont have access to check the same
    1. On the physical IBM Tape Library Console query the volume - if you dont get the details you are looking for here
    2. This method is tedious - query activity log to determine the same

    Let us know

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