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    Question TSM TDP for SQL through firewall?

    Hi guys,

    Simple question: Is it at all possible to backup a database with a TDP for SQL through a firewall without opening ports as described in (for ordinary nodes) ?

    I just get this:

    Starting SQL database backup...

    Connecting to TSM Server as node 'SQLSERVER'...

    Total SQL backups selected: 22
    Total SQL backups attempted: 0
    Total SQL backups completed: 0
    Total SQL backups excluded: 0
    Total SQL backups inactivated: 0

    Throughput rate: 0.00 Kb/Sec
    Total bytes transferred: 0
    Elapsed processing time: 0.00 Secs

    ANS1017E (RC-50) Session rejected: TCP/IP connection failure

    - Bent

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    You need to open ports

    If Security is concerned, they can limit access to just the SQL server by limiting port access to just that one server via ACL using the server's NIC MAC address.
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