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    Default Full VM backup leaves snapshot (hidden) on VM's

    Having a problem when i run backups on VM's.
    I have googled it and it seems to be a VADP problem.

    It also seems that other backup providers have same problem.

    I will create a case with Vmware but i wonder i someone else have seen this issue and solved it in TSM enviroment.


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    Yes, it happens for me when a snapshot fails on my big Windows VMs. It cannot quiesce them. The VSS driver in VMtools needs to be uninstalled. Unfortunately futur snapshots would not be crash-consistent. See :

    To delete the hidden snapshot, we need to make sure the disks are not connected the data mover (if it's the case, they need to be remove). Then, I make a snapshot of the VM with the hidden snapshot. Then, I go into the snapshot manager and click "delete all". It will delete the snapshot I just created, but also delete the hidden snapshot.

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