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    Default LAN Free for Windows 2003 IA64 and LTO5 (MSL4048)


    We have a few Windows Server 2003 Itanium machines with Storage Agent 5.4.3 installed. All are attached to LTO3 tape library trough SAN. LAN Free works fine.

    Now we have bought LTO5 tape library. We also want to upgrade TSM to 6.3 (now we have 5.3.4 which doesn't support LTO5). I want to enable LAN Free on Itanium machines. I have found that from 6.x Storage Agent is included in TSM Server package but I can't find TSM Server 6.3 for Itanium on IBM Passport Advantage.
    I have found Storage Agent which include drivers to LTO5. Isn't there any newer version for Itanium?

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    I think the support for Itanium has been dropped (but not 100% sure).

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