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Thread: 3592-e07 drives

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    Default 3592-e07 drives

    just wanted to give everyone a heads up on some issues I ran into with new 3592-E07 drives.

    - Make sure your TSM server version is at 5.5.6 - you will get errors when trying to define paths to the server - ANR8420E Define Path: An I/O error occurred while accessing drive - after the upgrade you should be able to define paths with no issue. (you might want to delete any previously define drives before pathing)
    - Make sure your Storage agents are using the new fixpack. This was released specifically for 3592-e07 compatibility. I was getting errors when LAN-free backups were running that stated:

    NR9999D (Session: 182, Origin: ORACLESTA3) _2623278148
    CompleteMountWOList(mmsshr.c:4053) Thread<317>: Unable to
    obtain model type for '/dev/IBMtape21', rc = 46(SESSION:

    After I updated the Storage Agents, ran a test back, worked fine. Just as a note, validate lanfree did not produce any errors prior to the backup failures! There was no indication that it was not going to work without upgrading!

    Hope this helps, not easy to find the solutions for these so it should save you all some time

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    Hi bostonlean,

    Thanks for your hints. I'm not suprised because TS1140 drive support starts with TSM 5.5.6. Older TSM releases don't support generation four drives.


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