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    Default Wildcard file restore


    I have an urgent need to restore some files across multiple subdirectories but I think due to the number of files in question I am having a lot of issues.

    The total backup set has approx 15,000,000 files on a Windows server, and I need to restore approx 5,000,000 of these, all of which are inactive. The problem is that these files a spread across a couple of thousand different directories, in amongst a bunch of directories that I don't need to be restored.

    If I use the BA GUI I can obviously select the directories one by one, but this takes hours. I have tried using the search or filter options to select the data in question, which is anything backed up before April 2011, but due to the number of files (I think) the GUI always crashes with memory issues.

    So now I am trying the command line, but I don't think the wildcard option works across subdirs, or have I got the command wrong? I have tried this:

    restore \\server\dir1\dir2\dir3\*2010.pdf -subdir=yes -latest

    The files are all called *2010.pdf but are split across a couple of thousand subdirectories beneath dir3

    I have also tried using -inactive but either way I get no files restored

    Please can anybody help / advise?



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    restore -subdir=yes -latest \\server_name\...\*2010.pdf

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