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    Question Backup to disk instead of tape ?


    I'm a TSM newbie and am falling short of tape hardware.
    Is there a way to have TSM backup to disk instead of tape ?
    If yes, please can you point me to the procedure?

    The filesystem to be backed up is served over by a NAS node and is NDMP enabled.


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    simple question, not-so-simple answer.
    Yes, TSM can be configured to do backups to disks only even for NDMP backups. Question is - Do you want to back up the NAS using NDMP? You can back it up at the file level as a CIFS/NFS share attached to TSM server (or any other client - but in that case you are transferring it over LAN twice).
    What NAS device do you have, how large the filesystem is (GB, number of files) etc. ?


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