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    Default Fastback integration with TSM

    I have read a few IBM redbooks on integrating Fastback backups with TSM but I am still unsure as to how to schedule a backup of all the disks defined on fastback and have them backup to TSM, currently the repository that is storing fastback snapshots is a mapped LUN mounted as a local drive on the fastback windows server but I was wanting to know how to setup fastback so that it dumps data to the tapepools I have setup on TSM. I thought I may just have to set up a repository that pointed to the tapepool but I did not see a way to do that as when I attempted to define a path, fastback required a windows path. I have integrated fastback into Tivoli Integrated Portal, so that I can manage operation from TIP however I cannot figure out how to make the backup operations of fastback go through TSM to dump to the tapepool defined in TSM. The operating environment is TSM v6.3 on RHEL and fastback on Win2k3
    Thank you in advance.
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    I believe you have to use the FastBack mount feature and then back up the mount with the TSM Backup Archive Client. Below is a link that deals with this:
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