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    Default TSM using autofs with data domain

    We are running TSM 6.3 using AIX autofs mounted data domain file systems for copy pools and TSM database. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Reclamation and migration work sometimes and database backup won't work without the filesystems being mounted. IBM says they don't support autofs because they can't find an announcement that they do. Seems to be it's a standard part of AIX and should be supported. Anyone else trying to use autofs with TSM?

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    Autofs is supported for backups but not for day to day procedures and placement of TSM's DB. You need to hard mount the filesystems if you plan to use them. Also the Data Domain is not considered performance disk compared to local SATA or SAN based disk. In fact EMC/Data Domain reps explicitly state that an enterprise DB should not be run on DD. I would suggest you use it for storage pools only.
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