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    Unhappy TSM BA GUI VM backup record not update

    Dear all,
    I had used backup vm command backup full vm using vstorage api.
    In command line, I can use query vm to check the new vm backup record. It is OK.
    tsm> QUERY VM * -INA -vmbackuptype=FULLVM
    查詢 Full VM 備份的虛擬機器
    # 備份日期 管理類別 類型 A/I 虛擬機器
    --- ----------- ---------- ---- --- ---------------
    1 2011/01/12 00:47:03 VCBMC (VSTOR)FULL A STKTEST_7.133
    2 2011/01/11 23:42:17 VCBMC (VSTOR)FULL A APECSTEST_7.128
    3 2011/12/08 13:35:44 VCBMC (VSTOR)FULL I IT018096SV
    4 2011/12/20 11:23:35 VCBMC (VSTOR)FULL A IT018096SV
    5 2011/10/24 10:25:04 VCBMC (VSTOR)FULL I eLearning_204.226

    But in BA Client GUI,when I want to restore from VM backup.
    Action -> restore VM can not find the record.

    TSM Server
    VM Proxy Server TSM Client

    What can I Do.

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    Dear all,
    I had tested TSM Client with 64bit and 32Bit.
    64bit can show all the records, but 32bit can't.

    I also had upgraded to ,and 64bit/32bit can show all the records.

    So, if you are using 32bit proxy server , you must install TSM Client or Later

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