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    Question Cluster Password Update Question

    Believe it or not I am working on my first MS windows 2008 clustered DB server. The configuration is as follows:

    Node A and Node B both have local TSM clients installed that backup the C: drive and system state only. The cluster drive is defined as Node Z (separate option file) and is backed up manually by the client using a DSMC command/script from whatever node is active at the time. This allows the DBA to immediately launch the TSM backup of exports, logs, and other critical files as soon as they are generated. This setup works like a champ as long as the password doesn't expire. If the password expires and the cluster fails over I am then prompted for a password.

    My question is: Is there a way to use a single password without having to configured a scheduler service or CAD to control the backup? I can't seem find any information on password updates that do not use either service.

    Thanks in advance!

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    yon can use "passe=0" for the cluster-node (we preferred this variant)

    or show for cluster-config in this page
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