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    Default TSM inactive Objects - copy to offsite pool/tape for restore at Secondary site.


    I'm hoping someone can give me a pointer as if this is possible.

    We use TSM to backup up our informix database and I've a one off requirement to copy some inactive Informix backup objects to an offsite tape so I can restore at a secondary TSM instance.

    The issue is not an informix one as we (informix) don't care that it is inactive, just that it is avialable in the storage manager.

    My understanding is that TSM when making an off site copy only copies the active objects and I want to copy a backup from last week that should have been on the offiste tapes but due to other issues may not be on that tape set.

    Kind regards


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    TSM copies any data listed as not expired. Active and Inactive versions are copied if not already in the offsite pool.
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