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    Default DD880 Library with more than 7999 slots

    Did any one experience any issue defining more than 7999 slots to DD880 library with TSM 5.5.3(AIX 5.3). As per IBM user may see the issue. Here is the info from IBM

    DD880 is in VTL mode with STK L180 mode and the Tape drive are IBM LTO3 mode.


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    Yes, a client experienced this big time when upgrading from tsm 5.5.4 to on windows!

    It worked ok with 10000 slots on 5.5.4 but we could not initalize the library on the new system.
    the old server was a windows 2003 32 bit and the new server is indows 2008 R2 (64bit). We had to reduce the slots to 7999
    Windows, does it come with a gui?

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