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    Default Bare machine recovery "FBSP1004I No Adapter Selected"

    Hi everybody.

    This is the situation:

    I installed Fastback Server v6.1.3, and configured it in a windows server 2003. I installed the bare machine recovery (v6.1.1) and the fastback agent in a laptop with windows XP, I took an snapshot from the windows xp laptop. I downloaded the Windows automated Installation Kit (windows vista) and installed in the windows xp laptop, downloaded the drivers networks, the test disk, and burned the cd.

    Now, I am trying to restore in another laptop (with better hardware and windows xp) with Bare Machine Recovery, from the recovery CD, but I got two errors:

    FBSP7011E Could not Idenfify adapter
    FBSP1004I No Adapter Selected

    When I created the recovery CD, I downloaded the driver of the network adapter (adapter who is owner the snapshot's laptop), and I placed in the \FastBackBMR\PEDrivers\NetworkDrivers folder, but I got a question about that, I put the .exe in that folder, I did not install the driver or something like that, I just put it as the download director (Intel) gave it to me, Is there any problem with that? Do I have to install the driver or do something special with the driver?

    I was looking in the internet for that error, and found this:

    anyway, it has not been useful that IBM post. What do you think guys, that I am doing wrong?

    Thank you.


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    Were you able to get this working? I am attempting to restore a VMware VM to another VMware vm. I have loaded the network driver (vmxnet3) and created the CD. I get the same error, FBSP7011E Could not Idenfify adapter...

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