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    Thumbs down Include just files on a specific folder

    I just want to backup only files on a specific folder.
    For example, backup only files on folder /home/oradev.

    For this, among exclude parameters, I use on dsm.sys:

    include /home/oradev/*

    As I know, /home/oradev/*, means that only files on /home/oradev will be included, but instead, other folder inside /home/oradev are included in backup.

    I am using linux baclient 6.2.2 on a suse 10 sp2 box.

    What config Can I use in order to backup only files?

    dsmc q opt, returns SUBDIR=NO


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    My guess is you are not excluding the folders from backup under /home/oradev, hence why they are included. See if the below lines gets you closer to what you want...

    EXCLUDE.DIR "/[a-g,i-z]*"
    EXCLUDE.DIR "/home/[a-n,p-z]*"
    EXCLUDE.DIR "/home/oradev/[a-z]*"
    EXCLUDE /.../*
    INCLUDE /home/oradev/*
    note: other directories on the '/' starting with 'H' may get backed up (not the files though) as well as any other directories on '/home' starting with 'O'.

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