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    Default Simultaneous Write and include.encrypt

    So i've been backing up my clients for a while now and have enforced encryption using include.encrypt in my client options files, and it overrides the client. awesome. i'm also using simultaneous write to write the backup data out to our DR site. I was under the impression that the same storage settings applied. I got notice this morning from our security folks that there is unencrypted data flowing out to our DR site. If all the writes that happen to that site use simultaneous write, and i've set include.encrypt in the options file for all clients, why is there unencrypted data flowing out there? my server is 6.2.2 and most clients are at least 6.2.

    anybody have any insight to the process of encryption as it applies to simultaneous writes ?


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    I think it was a SSL issue between server to server communcations, as it was data throw on servers level between two different sites.

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