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    Default Fastback mount TSM repository script

    Hello and sorry for my poor English.
    I have a server that performs WAN deduplication fastback directly to a TSM server.
    The backup is done properly and through the fastback mount GUI I can mount the repository of my TSM server.
    How I can create a script to mount the repository for TSM? The script only works when I open the fastbackmountGUI. If not open the GUI the script returns me the error "FBSC7254E, mounting parameters incorrect "
    The command I launch it:
    FastBackShell.exe -c mount add -TARGET x: -rep "tsm: ip=TSM_SERVER port=1500 node=NODE1 as node=ASNODE_1 pass=PASSWORD branch=BRANCH1" -policy POLICY1 -server SERVER1 -volume D:\\ -date "last snapshot"

    As I say, if I open my fastback mount GUI, if it works but if it is closed gives that error. I hope you can help me.

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    FastBackShell can be particularly fussy, you have my sympathies.

    I take it that `TSM_SERVER` is a resolvable IP address via your hosts file or DNS that reaches your target TSM Server? And NODE1, ASNODE_1 etc are all valid nodes registered there? Does the FastBackShell logfile (C:\Users\All Users\Tivoli\TSM\FastBack\shell\FAST_BACK_SHELL040 .sf on Win2K reveal anything useful?
    David Mc
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    Hello, when i want to Mount a volume over the CLI I always get the following

    FBSC1413I Working with FastBack Mount on (
    Waiting for connection to XpressMount 1 seconds...
    Connected to FastBack Mount
    FBSC7254E Mount wrong parameters

    the command I use is the following:

    FastBackShell.exe -c mount add -target "M:" -rep "Z:\" -policy "DR" -server "tst164-w2k8" -volume "E:\\" -date "last snapshot"

    I cant find any Syntax error..

    I hope you can help me out

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