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    Default Data migration from storage and tape pool to VTL

    I have TSM 5.5, DS5300 and TS3310 ( tape backup pool and offsite backup ), now my company bought HP VLS 9000 and we want to remove DS5300 and keep TS3310 for offsite backup purposes. My questions are:

    Can I copy backup data from DS5300 to VLS from TSM console with next storage pools options and just set Migration high threshold and Migration low threshold to 0?

    Can I use the same scenario for copy data from TS3310 ( tape backup pool ) to VTL?

    Thank you in advance

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    yes, you can - create new primary stgpool on VTL and set is as a target (nextstg) for primary pools from TS3310 and DS5300 - then use migration to move the data.
    In case you want to move COPYpool data to VTL (I do not think so) another approach must be taken as there is no stgpool hierarchy for copy stgpools.


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