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    Default Introducing the NetBackup Screencast Demonstration Video Series

    The NetBackup Screencast Demonstration Videos are a group of short videos designed to demonstrate specific functions and procedures within NetBackup. They have been produced by Symantec NetBackup Product Support to help you get the most out of your NetBackup environment.

    The initial focus of the NetBackup Screencast Demo Video series is the NetBackup Agent for Microsoft Exchange. Thirty-four videos have been produced detailing a variety of topics including:

    • How to configure various backup scenarios for Exchange within NetBackup (such as DAG backups, CCR backups, etc.)
    • How to perform various restore scenarios for Exchange within NetBackup (to RSGs, Alternate clients, etc.)
    • Special topics such as Exclude list usage
    • Troubleshooting NetBackup Exchange backup and restore issues

    To see the entire list of videos, please check out this TechNote:
    VIDEO: NetBackup Support Screencast Demo - list of available videos

    We would appreciate any feedback you have on these videos by submitting article ratings using the Rate this Article feedback box included in the rightmost column of every article in Symantec's knowledge base.


    NetBackup Product Support

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    Nice. Thanks

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