I am looking for a senior level TSM engineer/architect/administrator position in eastern Illinois (Champaign-Urbana).

I have 20+ yrs experience as a Windows/Unix sys admin; 14 of those years as a TSM architect, systems programmer and admin (Windows and AIX) since ADSM v2.0 through TSM v5.5.x. I've most recently been supporting an academic environment with 10 (AIX) servers and 6000+ clients of all common O/S's. In the past, I've provided backup and archiving support for academic scientific research projects, including very large MSSQL dbs, in an HPC environment. I've managed a number of different tape libraries including IBM 3494 and ADIC/Quantum Scalar I2K, using LTO and 3590 media.

In addition, I possess a broad range of sys admin skills including full h/w and s/w support. Am particularly interested in long-term, large-scale data archiving/metadata/data retrieval challenges.

Please get in touch if you'd like more information.