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    Default What happens if Backup Storage pool does not complete??

    Hi All,

    I need to know what happens if the "backup storage pool " from primary pool to copy pool does not complete. I mean if we call a DR test without the primary pool and the copy pool being in sync and then we try to restore the most recent version without specifying any 'point in time'. What would be the consequences if TSM tries to restore a file that hasnt been copied from the primary storage pool to the copy storage pool?? Does it automatically go to the next available version on the copy storage pool or does it error out saying " file not restorable"??

    I would really appreciate your help since we are having a DR and I am facing a problem bringing the primary pool and the copy pool in sync.

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    The determining factor is to what date/time the TSM DB is restored. If the DB was backed up after the copypool (which didn't complete) then it knows it didn't complete and will restore the data that is available. So TSM knows what it can and cannot restore from the respective storage pool.
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    If the database knows the files are in the active pool, it will show them and will most likely return a "file not available on server" message if you try to restore data that doesn't exist in the copypool. That's why in most DRs you pick a date that was 2-3 days prior to the date of the last database backup you can use.

    So if the "disaster" occured on 1/15, you restore to 1/13 or 1/12.

    If you really need to have up to the day (or hour even) DR capabilities, it takes a bit more engineering than the typical setup.

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