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    Default Networker 7.4.4 Server 2003 with Storage Node 7.4.4 with W2K8

    Hi everbody:
    Actually a i have a big problem. I have my Server Backup with windows server 2003 and networker 7.4.4 and i need to add a storage node with windows server 2008x64 and networker 7.4.4 too.

    1. In 2008 i can't use the inquire command, simply doesn't work, don't show me anything.
    2. When I try to install the tape library (IBM TS2900) with jbconfig command, show me a error telling me that the scsi port not recognize the library.

    If i try to install the storage node in my server directly using the Networker Console, i saw all the information but the networker don't change the status to ready so, i can't inventory and do anything.

    Who can help me ?


    Daniel Sandoval
    Backup Administrator

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    Hi Daniel,
    After the configuration of the Library on the Storage node, ensure that the daemon/service nsrlcpd is running. if not running, restart the NetWorker services and check if you are able to see the nsrlcpd.

    Rovin D'Souza.

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