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    Default Exchange 2010 DAG node scheduling configuration

    We’re using TDP for Exchange 2010 and have successfully performed a manual full backup thanks to forums. Now, we’re trying to figure out a scheduling strategy for DAG. Currently, there are 2 servers with a shared 8 databases ( shared 4 active, 4 passive on each ) for the DAG groups.

    Should we create a shared tdp node on the tsm server to receive backups from both server tdp clients at different times (similar to the virtual node on clusters), or should each server have a separate tdp node with passive backups ( using the /excludedagactive /excludedagpassive switches). The separate nodes concern us a bit because if one server dies then its mail database backups would start going to the alternate node. If later, the exchange admins needed to a restore a database from the failover window, they would have to know which tdp node held the data.

    There is discussion in the manual about scheduling legacy and cluster backups, but we could not find much pertaining to DAG.

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    Hi Imcginutsw,

    how did you configure your TDP scheduling service?

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    You will probably like to check this:
    I will go with two separate nodes, and in case that you have described, I will temporarily present "live" node to TSM server as "dead" one, and will do restore.
    You can check trough GUI what backups one node "see" from TSM database.

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