Environment running SAP using DB2 as databases.


Customer buy TSM license only, not DP for SAP purchased.

1) Using BA Client, the API to connect to DB2 allow using DB2 Admin GUI to perform backup to TSM server (which got a node define) using query to check on the session.

2) Moreoever, using SAP schedule tools, there is a Backup_to_TSM predefined, so SAP can scheduled and run. It seems the command is running DB2 backup command. (and SAP shows some log also)

3) Another way tried and read from forum is writing a script, which generally use DB2 backup command as well, and policies to trigger the scripts from TSM server.

Now, should customer buy DP for SAP? and what will be the differences?

Done the SAP for Oracle before its using BRTOOLS, so if using DP for SAP under DB2 environment will be the same? Rman can clear logs after backup.

We also want the archive log to be clear after backup. If using scripts and dsmc I think might have some data synchronize since it is using TSM command.

Need some advise.